8 thoughts on “Life With Lyme

  1. Hi there! I live in St. Peter’s and am currently battling Lyme Disease. Just thought I’d try to reach out to some Lyme friends.

  2. Hi Megan! I’m sorry I am just now seeing this comment. I didn’t get a notification. Do you see an llmd? Feel free to email me! I would love to meet up with you sometime if you want support. Blessings!

  3. Hi!! I’m so glad you saw my post! I see Dr. Crist in Columbia. I’m on the long term antibiotics protocol. I’ve been with him scince March of 2014. I currently have a small group of lyme friends meeting once a month to support and learn from one another. Currently, it’s just four of us meeting, 3 females and one male. Although, we text each other everyday! :)We all see Dr. Crist. Would you be interested in meeting with us. I’m making it my mission to bring awareness to this truly life changing disease. Your story is more than inspirational. I hope you continue a path to recovery. After reading about your story, I’ve kept you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

    Take care,


    1. I see him, too! He’s an amazing doctor. My daughter sees him, too.
      I would love to meet with you and the group! I have the same mission, as well! Once you get this disease, its hard not to be intent on warning everyone about how to avoid it, and how debilitating it is.
      I have been trying to get a local group like that together for a long time but it never happened. Do you know Alaina? She meets with a Lyme group and they all see dr c. Wondered if this is the same group? Thanks for letting me know! Im having a horrible time with insomnia tomight. Ugh! Must be the full moon.

  4. That darn moon!!! I tell ya, it sure does impact us! I’ll let you know the meeting date once I talk to the group. I don’t know the gal you mentioned, perhaps you could give her my email address and we could get our group to join forces?!!


  5. Hi,
    I hope you’re doing well. I just wanted to let you know that my group would be really interested in meeting you. One of the gals has a daughter and is concerned she may have lyme too. I sent her your blog, she was so moved by your story. Actually, she said your words are so eloquently written…I agree! :)

    Also, one of the guys is writing an informative letter to some of the Missouri politicians… He has connections!! He was hoping to draft the letter tonight and send it out to our small group for feedback. Would you be interested in reading it? He is new to lyme. He has his first appt with Dr. Crist in February… But he is so gung-ho on getting our voices heard!


  6. Sorry to keep bothering you, but if you’re intrested in meeting with my other lyme friends, we’ll be meeting February 22. We’re not sure of location as of yet. :)

    Take care,

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